Mark 1:14-20

3rd Sunday of ordinary time, year B.


1) what are your initial thoughts, ideas, emotional reactions; to the text?

2) "After John was arrested, Jesus came to Galilee" - what do you make of this movement from Judea to Galilee, and of what caused the movement? What does it say about Jesus' context?

3) What does it mean for the Kingdom of God to come near?

4) What does it mean for us to "Metanoia" and to "Trust in the Good News"?

5) Jesus calls two sets of brothers, what does this detail tell us about Jesus and his call?

6) What can be learn from the names of Simon and Andrew, "To be heard" and "Human/Man"? And one name Hebrew and the other greek?

7) What does the image of "fishing for people" say to you?

8) Simon and Andrew are casting their nets, James and John are mending their nets; what do these images symbolise for you?

9) Simon and Andrew leave their net in the sea, James and John leave their broken net on the shore; what do these symbols mean?

10) What does it mean for you to be called by Jesus? What does it mean to follow?