Bringing together faith & justice.

FaithJustice is a Christian network

We aim to brings together young adults of faith with a concern for justice. We believe that our faith inspires us to act for justice in our world, and that acting for justice deepens and enriches our faith.

FaithJustice is a new initiative launched by a group of Catholic organisations, which is seeking to help young adults in their twenties and thirties discover the intimate connection between a life of faith and the struggle for justice in our world.

We do not claim to be experts. We have no pre-defined solutions to offer you. Instead we hope to provide spaces in which to explore faith, share together, ask questions, challenge ourselves, and learn from each other.

Maybe you are already involved in projects and movements of compassion and change: working with the homeless, helping to welcome migrants, opposing the arms trade, caring for the disabled, promoting fair-trade, campaigning for change to unjust structures such as international trade or climate destruction, or in all sorts of other ways struggling for a better world.

Or perhaps you are not involved in any movements or projects. Maybe you feel inspired to act but are struggling to find your place and purpose in life. Maybe you are looking for an experience of faith which is more deeply rooted in the needs of the world?

Or you might be unsure if you believe in God or if you agree with organised religion. Maybe you are looking for a safe space to share your questions, explore your ideas, and to listen to others in a similar place.

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Are you looking for something deeper?

Then FaithJustice is for you.

Our hope is to create opportunities to share experiences, to celebrate, to encourage and to inspire each other. But also a safe space to challenge each other, to ask difficult questions and to struggle for deeper understanding.

We are organising a series of weekends, each will include Prayer, Reflection, Discussion, Community and a chance to encounter people of faith deeply involved in movements for justice and compassion.