Weekly Bible Reflection: 4th Sunday in Lent, B

John 3:14-21

4th Sunday of Lent, year B.


1) What are your initial thoughts, feelings, reactions; to the text?

2) When reading the bible (and in life in general), how do you deal with passages you can't understand?

3) This text is full of oppositions, how do you feel about this kind of language? What realities in your life match this approach or feel at odds with it?

4) What does it mean to be "Born from above" or "Born of water and spirit"?

5) Moses placed an image of a snake on a pole, those who looked at it were healed. How does this image help us to reflect on our own lives? Are there times when looking at a cause of suffering, or at a wound, has helped you find healing?

6) How do you understand (or struggle to understand) this image of the snake as a metaphor for Jesus' crucifixion?

7) What does being saved by Jesus' death and resurrection mean for you in your own life?

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