The Climate and Ecological Emergency

Led by Green Christian

This emergency is already being felt here, but more deeply in other parts of the world. We cannot put our heads in the sand.

We reflect on the emotional impact, and discuss where we feel called to action both individually and collectively.

There are clear parallels between how the pandemic/Covid-19 has led people to rethink and how the climate and ecological emergency too requires us to reimagine a different way of living.

Questions for Small Groups

To Start

1. Take some time to go around your group and introduce yourselves


1. Does thinking about the climate and ecological emergency make you despair or spur you to action?

2. Are there one or two ways you could harness the change we've seen this last year and go on living differently?

3. How could you seize this opportunity to move the subversive into the mainstream in your own life or with others?

And then during the second time in small groups

1. Are you hopeful about COP26 or do you think there's more point focusing on what each of us can do in everyday life?

2. Does your faith motivate you to act on climate change? Do you see a clear link?

3. Do you feel NVDA is needed to face the climate emergency?

The Climate and Ecological Emergency

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