Young Christian Climate Network

FaithJustice is working to support YCCN

Relay to COP26

from 11th June to 23rd October.

This summer YCCN are walking from the G7 summit, starting in St. Ives on 11th June, to Glasgow for the UN COP26 summit, arriving on 30th October.

The planned route isn't direct, passing through several major cities such as London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle.

Rachel Mander, says: "I was inspired to walk on the Relay as an act of solidarity with those people and places most affected by climate change, inspired by the long history of Christian pilgrimage and social action. I'll be walking Sheffield to Manchester in September" Rachel is one of the lead organisers of the relay.

Find out more on the YCCN website.

Join FaithJustice on the Climate Relay

Join FaithJustice on the Relay to COP26

We encourage you to join the relay wherever you live, between St. Ives and Glasgow.

However, a FaithJustice group will be walking the section between Oxford and Birmingham, 16th-23rd August. If you would like to join us for all or part of this section then please fill in the form to express an interest. We will be in touch with more details.

From the YCCN Website:

The climate crisis is a reflection, and a cause, of deep injustice in the world. This crisis arises from our abuse of God’s creation, and our broken relationship with our neighbours worldwide who suffer most from its consequences. We are convinced of the Biblical mandate to care for creation, and lament its exploitation.

We are organising this Relay to COP26 to show we care about climate justice and creation care. We want to see systematic change on a global and a local scale. We hope that by running this relay, we can raise awareness of COP26 and our imperative as Christians to engage in creation care theology, individually and corporately.