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The Climate Emergency: What Next?

Join us for a weekend reflecting on the Climate Emergency.

Friday 10 - Sunday 12 June, or just Saturday 11th June, 9.30am-9.00pm.

In Nottingham, hosted by the CSJP sisters

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The latest IPCC reports make it very clear that we are in an emergency situation. Climate change and ecological destruction are happening and are expected to get much worse. This event is for anyone who is concerned about the climate emergency, and who is looking for a community of both action and support.

The Saturday morning will be a time of reflection and retreat focusing on climate grief and enormity of the challenges facing us. The afternoon will be a space for learning from each other, hearing stories, and reflecting and sharing about the way forward.

This event is rooted in the Christian tradition. But we would like to extend a welcome to everyone who is concerned about the future wherever you are in terms of faith, or in terms of previous involvement with action. We are aware that there are not going to be any easy answers to this challenge so we want to build community as widely and diversely as we are able. This is a space for both the experienced activist and the nervous newcomer, for those with ideas and those who have no idea what to do, everyone is welcome.

Simple accommodation and food is available from Friday to Sunday, join us for the whole weekend

Cost: Free (Donations welcome)

This event is for those aged between 18 and 40.

Most people will be sleeping on the floor, you will need to bring a sleeping bag and floor mat. There are some beds available for those with disabilities, please indicate if you need a bed when you register.

The Programme

Friday 10th

Arrivals, food, getting to know each other.

Saturday 11th

Morning: A time of led retreat engaging with Climate Grief

Early Afternoon: Lunch followed by building insect hotels.

Later Afternoon: Hearing stories and discussing what next for Climate Activism.

Evening: Food and social time.

Late: Night prayer and more social time.

Sunday 12th

tbc.... there will be food.


Siobhan Burke

Siobhan works at St Bede’s Pastoral Centre in York as part of the Spirituality team, where she is involved in helping others explore their relationship with God through courses, guided prayer and retreat work.

She writes: The environmental destruction in our world has left many with a profound sense of climate grief. The reflective morning will create a space to reflect on and express some of the emotions that arise when we contemplate climate breakdown; recognising, expressing and sharing the grief and pain that we experience for the world can then empower us and release the energy needed for action.

Staffan Engstrom

Staffan worked at senior levels in big business for many years, and experienced a profound ecological conversion as a result of taking the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. He has since been deeply involved with Green Christian, leading numerous workshops for them on the many aspects of active green Christian discipleship in daily life. He worships at Worcester Cathedral where he is deeply involved in its eco-journey.

And others, more information to follow soon.

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