A World With Weapons

A Five part course created by FaithJustice and Pax Christi E&W

The Arms Trade fuels war and increasingly militarised policing across our world. learn about the harm caused by the trade in weapons, and how to be part of working for change.

Five Sessions

There are links below to resources on each topic, and some questions for small group discussion.

Why not think about setting up a group to follow the course?

1) Arms Trade 101 and intersecting issues, with Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT)

Exploring what is so bad about selling weapons. How we are all implicated in this trade, and what we can do to oppose it.

A World Without Weapons: Session 1

2) Military Recruitment, focused on the Film War School

- Conversation focused on the themes raised in the film: War School

3) The Bible and what it has to say about War and Peace

- Exploring the theme of war in the bible and how we might form a biblical response to the arms trade and militarism.

A World Without Weapons: Session 3

4) Craftivism

- A relaxed session of arts and crafts and chat in your own home. Bring along whatever is your preferred activity. A few suggestions could be: Making a banner; Painting a Stone; Painting a T-Shirt; Painting on paper; Sewing; Knitting; Woodwork; Baking; Poetry. You might want to print some of these: Colouring In Posters

5) Stories from places of Conflict

- We welcomed some guests to talk to us about their experience of conflict across the world.